آداب في المفاوضات التجارية

2013-01-06 09:47 ChineseTime

1   Only senior members of the negotiating team will speak. Designate the most senior person in your group as your spokesman for the introductory functions.

2   Business negotiations occur at a slow pace.

3   Be prepared for the agenda to become a jumping off point for other discussions.

4   Chinese are non-confrontational. They will not overtly say 'no', they will say 'they will think about it' or 'they will see'.

5   Chinese negotiations are process oriented. They want to determine if relationships can develop to a stage where both parties are comfortable doing business with the other.

6   Decisions may take a long time, as they require careful review and consideration.

7   Under no circumstances should you lose your temper or you will lose face and irrevocably damage your relationship.

8   Do not use high-pressure tactics. You might find yourself outmanoeuvred.

9   Business is hierarchical. Decisions are unlikely to be made during the meetings you attend.

10  The Chinese are shrewd negotiators.

11  Your starting price should leave room for negotiation.

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