Qinhuang جزيرة

  • جياوشان الجبلية
    IntroductionThe major scenic spots of Jiaoshan mountain include Jiaoshan Great Wall, Hanmen Pass, and Qixian Temple, and so o­n. Jiaoshan Great Wall includes the huge flat top of the highest peak of Jiaoshan mountain. Ascending o­n top of Jiaoshan Great Wall, you will have a full view of the dis...
  • منطقة بيدايخه ذات المناظر الطبيعية الخلابة
    Beidaihe seaside is a world-known seaside summer resort with a unique natural environment. It has a pleasant climate. In summer winds blow from the sea during the day and the air is cool and humid. At night the land wind comes, and it is also cool. Compared with Beijing, it is 5 ? lower on average. ...
  • منطقة ناندايخه ذات المناظر الطبيعية الخلابة
    Nandaihe Seaside Tourism Area is positioned 19.five km southeast of Funing County City, Hebei Province. It really is equally adjacent to and looking out around the seaside at Beidaihe, a well-known summertime vacation scenic spot. Nandaihe’s seaside bathing spot has soft sand, no robust currents, t...
  • ممر شانهايقوان
    Renowned as the 'First Pass under Heaven', Shanhaiguan Pass Great Wall occupied the strategic passage from Northeast China to Central China, serving as an important communication hub inside and outside the pass at peacetime and points of battle during war-time.
  • نقطة انطلاق للسور العظيم في الصين---لاولونجتو
    The starting point of the Great Wall for a long time, which is Laolongtou (Old Dragon's Head in English) in Qinghuangdao, Hebei Province.
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