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  • التوصية الخمسة للطب التكميلي
    About the RankingAcupuncture is an ancient art practiced by the Chinese, one that now has a significant foothold in the U.S.1 AcupunctureMost people have probably seen acupuncture in action, with thin needles being inserted into what are thought to be "strategic, energy-balancing points of the body....
  • الطب الصيني التقليدي (الطب الصيني التقليدي)
    If you are interested, you may want to visit a hospital or a clinic that specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This include Chinese diagnosis and treatment and may include accupuncture, massage, herbal medicines, heat treatment etc. TCM has gained international recognition as a viable alterna...
  • معبد باوجوانج
    The temple acquired its name from the emperor Xizong of Tang Dynasty (618-907) when he saw the divine light coming form the bottom part of the temple one night.
  • China's Arbor Day on Mar 12
    China celebrates Arbor Day, or Tree Planting Day, on March 12. The day commemorates the passing of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, China's democratic revolution forerunner, who died on March 12, 1925.Over the past two decades, many people have participated in tree-planting since the country designated March 12 as ...
  • الطب-الوخز بالإبر الصينية (زهين وحدة التفتيش المشتركة)
    Acupuncture is the experiential summary undergoing the long-term struggle by the Chinese people. Actually it consists of two parts: operations with needles and ones with fire, both of them are essential and correlative during curing Acupuncture is an alternative medicine that treats patients by inse...
  • المصافحة
    Customarily Chinese friends, colleagues and acquaintances shake hands with one another when they first meet or reunite after long years of separation. Handshaking between men and women may be symbolically brief, but the initiative can be taken by either side although male eagerness often prevails.
  • Ip Man 2
    Region: Hong Kong Language :Cantonese Film-Type :Feature Film Genre :Kungfu / Subject: Anti-Japanese WarRelease date : 2010-04-29 (Hong Kong)Release date : 2010-10-23 (Tokyo, Tokyo International Film Festival)Release date : 2010-04-30 (Taiwan)Director:Ye Weixin (Wilson YIP Wai-Shun)ScreenplayHuang ...

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