• Top 9 tips for winning at life after college graduation
    Top 9 tips for winning at life after college graduation
  • 10 gift books for Children's Day
    10 gift books for Children's Day
  • The best books of 2014
    The best books of 2014
  • BFSU startet School of International Education
    Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU, aka Beiwai) held its first international education forum and established the School of International Education in Beijing on Wednesday.
  • A chart of 808 commonly used Chinese characters in China, Japan and the Republic of Korea (ROK) were released on Tuesday at the ongoing ninth session of the Northeast Asia Trilateral Forum to promote communication among the three countries.
  • China Reform College Eingang Prüfung System
    China is soon to unveil a reform plan on the college entrance examination, considering two separate test modes for technical and academic students, an educational official revealed Saturday.
  • 瑞典大臣提议在中小学开设中文课
    根据瑞典教育大臣扬•比约克隆德(Jan Björklund)提出的计划,瑞典可能成为欧洲第一个在中小学都开设中文课程的国家。比约克隆德表示,让瑞典的下一代有机会学习中文,对于提高民族竞争力至关重要。他向《每日工业报》(Dagens Industri)表示:“从经济的角度来看,中文将比法语或西班牙语重要得多。”因为认识到中国在全球的...
  • 10 Most Popular Universities for International Students in Beijing
    As the capital of China, Beijing has become the major city for foreigners to live and work in China. And Beijing is also famous for a large group of universities it owns. Then what are the most popular universities for international students in Beijing?
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