Sugar painting--糖画欣赏

2017-08-27 11:59 ChineseTime


Sugar painting— pristine sweet in the ancient time,the taste in the memory,telling the old  stories of folk artisans.


Sugar painting-糖画欣赏


Ming dynasty

Sugar painting may have originated during the Ming dynasty when small animals made of sugar were created in molds for religious rituals.

Qing dynasty

This art form then became more popular during the Qing dynasty. After that period techniques improved,and a more diverse range of patterns emerged.


In Sichuan,further developments were made in production,seeing the replacement ofthe molds with the now-common small ladle,often bronze or copper.

Sugar painting--糖画欣赏

Sugar painting--糖画欣赏

Sugar painting--糖画欣赏

Sugar painting--糖画欣赏

Sugar painting--糖画欣赏Sugar painting--糖画欣赏

Sugar painting--糖画欣赏

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