• Hotels in Peking
    Beijing Hotels Expert recommendations of the top accommodations in four price ranges: budget ($), moderate ($$), expensive ($$$), and luxury ($$$$). $Qian Men Changgong FandianThis 200-year-old bordello is now a $20/night hotel. Grand central courtyard surrounded by bright banisters, columns, and ...
  • Schreiben Chinesisch-Adresse
    1.*** 室/房 Room 2.*** *** 村(乡) *** Village 3.*** 号No. *** *** 号宿舍 *** Dormitory *** 楼/层 ***/F *** 住宅区/小区 *** Residential Quarter 甲 / 乙 / 丙 / 丁 A / B / C / D *** 巷 / 弄 *** Lane *** 单元 Unit *** *** 号楼/幢 *** Building *** 公司 用拼音拼写 *** 厂 *** Factory ...
  • Preiserhöhungen zum höchsten aber Umsatz zu niedrigsten
    THE average price of new homes in Shanghai soared last week to the highest so far this year on strong sales of a high-end development in Pudong New Area, but the transaction volume fell to the lowest in four weeks as sentiment among buyers of mainstream projects remained weak.The average price of ne...
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