Carved Tigers Square

2012-06-25 11:26 ChineseTime

Located on the eastern side of Tiger Beach Ocean Park the marble tigers at the mountain foot are the largest sculpture of animals in China.
These tigers were designed by Chinese famous painter and sculptor, Han Meilin, and finished in 1991. The total weight of six tigers exceeds 2 000 tons. The length of the sculpture is 35,5 metres and height 6,5 metres.
The tigers sit on the square which has an area of over 15,700 square meters.
But why the tigers are here ?

Once upon a time the daughter of the King Dragon went to the slopes of East Mountains for the fresh flowers to pick. Suddenly she was caught by a vicious tiger, which was going to take her to its cave. Her cries were heard by a young hunter, named Shicao, who then ran after immediately. The tiger was frightened by the fearless fight of the hunter,dropped the dragon daughter and run away.
The dragon daughter fell in love with the brave young man and married him. But it was not the end of problems with the tiger, which kept on going down from the mountains to eat the nearby villagers and their cattle. Finally Shicao was told, that the only way to kill the beast is the divine sword from the palace of the King Dragon. So the next day, the dragon daughter went back to his father to fetch the divine sword. But the tiger appeared again, ans angry Shicao didn’t want to wait for the sword, he picked up his own sword instead and went on fighting.

He chopped off the tiger’s teeth, which fell into the sea and changed into what is now called Tiger Reef.
He pulled off the tiger’s tail with great strength and threw it into the Lvshun Bay.
He cut off half of the tiger’s head, which fell onto the ground and became a hill, where today the Park is.
Thie tiger was dead, but Shincao missed the step and suddenly dropped into the sea, changing to another reef.

When the dragon daughter came back later and heard the bad story, she changed herself into a reef to be close to her husband.
The reef today is called Fairy Lady reef.

That’s the story. Remember the story and remember the Tiger Beach, for peace, and for love.

Tiger Beach Ocean Park (老虎滩海洋公园)

9 Binhai Middle Road,
Zhongshan District, Dalian City

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