Chinese Tea Serving Etiquette

2014-10-03 14:49 ChineseTime

Chinese Tea Serving Etiquette

jìng chá shì wǒ guó zì gǔ jiù yǒu de mín sú ,

wén rén jiāng chá duān zhì kè rén miàn qián xiàn yǔ kè rén ,

yǐ shì duì kè rén de jìng yì ,

jìng kè zhēn chá tōng cháng yǐ zhēn bàn bēi wéi lǐ mào ,

sú chēng “chá qī jiǔ bā ”;

yǒu de dì fāng zé liú háng sān dào chá yí shì 。

Chinese Tea Serving Etiquette

Tea Serving Etiquette is one of the traditional Chinese etiquette which has a history of more than 3000 years. Since Zhou Dynasty, tea had already been a kind of present between friends and relatives and tribute for royalty.

Han people, Mongolian people and other ethnic minorities in China has the tea serving etiquette. Han people’s tea serving etiquette has a long history. As early as Tang Dynasty, Han people already had this etiquette. The tradition and types of tea varies from place to place, such as Qi Jia Tea, Yuan Bao Tea, Kong Fu Tea, etc... Mongolia’s serving tea etiquette is known as “Serving Milky Tea". It is still popular today in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Qinghai Province and other areas.
Serving guests with tea is a daily etiquette in social life and family life. As the saying goes “Full cup of wine but half cup of tea”, there are some tips for serving tea to your guest or the elder:
1. The tea should not be serving too full on a cup, at most, 80% the tea cup.
2. The water should not be too hot, so guests would ever been scalded their tongue by accidentally drinking.
3. If there more than 2 guests, the color of tea should be almost the same.
4. When serving refreshments, put them right front of the guest and the tea cup should be placed at the right side of the refreshments.
5. When serving tea, hold the cup on your right hand and offer from the right side of the guest with smile.
6. The same tea leaves could serve for 3 or 4 cups. When guest’s cup is empty, the master could refill the tea. Until guest leave, the master could clean away the tea-things.
Serving tea is a common etiquette in Chinese people’s daily life. It is a way to show respect to guest and friends. These tips of serving tea are very tradition, however, nowadays, people are more casual and do not pay so much attention to the steps or rules of severing tea.

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