Gift guide for the new year

2015-02-14 10:10 ChineseTime

rú guǒ nǐ zài shàng hǎi

guò nián huí jiā dài diǎn shén me ?

Gift guide for the new year

Heading home? Why not take a little bit of Shanghai with you to treat your friends and family. Li Xueqing reports.

Hairy crab from Chongming
chóng míng lǎo máo xiè

Price: 100-350 yuan/pair

Shanghai natives are famous hairy-crab-eaters. The hairy crabs from Shanghai's Chongming Island are popular for their delicate taste. Although they look a little bit smaller than other variety of crabs, they are very rich in roe and butter. One thing you must consider is that dead crabs are considered inedible. Tie them with rope before you hit the road. Stopping the crabs from moving around can help them live longer on the trip.

Gift guide for the new year

White Rabbit creamy candy
dà bái tù nǎi táng

Price: 20 yuan / 454g

In 1959, White Rabbit creamy candies went on sale. The image of a jumping white rabbit has been a sweet spot in the childhood memories of every generation of Chinese since then. These milky candies are sweet but quite chewy. Children especially like the edible rice paper that wraps the candies. Although White Rabbit can be bought in all parts of China, it is still considered one of the best Shanghai-styled gifts. The candies were also given as a present to former US president Richard Nixon when he visited China in 1972.

Gift guide for the new year

Pickled sea snail
huáng ní luó

Price: 170 yuan / 1800g

These mollusks look sticky but taste good. They are rich in protein, calcium and vitamins. Li Shizhen, the famous doctor from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), also recommended them as they are good for the kidneys and the lungs. People usually pickle them with salt and yellow wine for about one week before eating them. You can buy bottled mollusks from local brands such as Shao Wansheng.

Gift guide for the new year

Spiced broad bean of City God Temple
lǎo chéng huáng miào wǔ xiāng dòu

Price: 14.50 yuan / 220g

The history of spiced broad beans of City God Temple dates back to 1930s. At that time fennel beans were popular in Shanghai. A businessman named Guo Yingzhou improved the cooking method of fennel beans. He used broad beans produced in Jiading and cooked them with fennel, dried tangerine peel, Chinese cinnamon, sugar, flavoring essence and other ingredients. The beans of City God Temple are salty in flavor but smell like cream. You can buy them at the City God Temple.

Gift guide for the new year

Gaoqiao stuffed pancake
gāo qiáo sōng bǐng

Price: 30 yuan / 750g

Gaoqiao Town is located in the northern part of Pudong New Area. The stuffed pancakes originated there about 100 years ago. These multi-layered pancakes are stuffed with red bean paste, gingko or jujube paste. There are workshops in Gaoqiao Town providing traditional Gaoqiao stuffed pancakes. Be careful when you carry the pancakes home, because the layers of pastry are thin and can be broken easily.

Gift guide for the new year

Char Siu
chā shāo

Price: 81 yuan / 500g

Shanghai's Cha Siu (Chinese BBQ pork), is different from Guangdong's Cha Siu in color and flavor. Shanghai's is red, while Guangdong's is darker in color. Shanghai's is sweeter too. To enjoy the traditional Shanghai taste, you can't miss Shanghai No 1 Food Store. Local restaurants like Dafugui (大富贵) also provide take-away Shanghai-styled Char Siu.(Shanghai Star)

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