Life on water - A trip to Baiyangdian

2017-05-11 12:38 ChineseTime

As a national AAAAA scenic spot, Baiyangdian Lake is a popular tourist attraction with peaceful water scenes and vast lotus gardens.Covering a total area of 366 sq km, it is the largest natural freshwater lake in the north China plain, consisting of 147 shallow lakes and water-filled depressions.The lake is home to multiple varieties of fish, wild geese, duck, birds as well as a vast number of lotus, and other plants. []

白洋淀是华北平原上最大的淡水湖,位于河北省保定市东约45公里安新县境内。素有“华北明珠”、“北地西湖”之誉,是小兵张嘎故事的发生地,国家5A级旅游景区。 白洋淀是典型的北方湿地,自古以来就以物产丰富著称。


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