Chinese History

  • Sport in Ancient China
    Archery--射箭 [shè jiàn] Swordplay--剑术 [jiàn shù] Chinese Golf--击鞠 [jī jū]
  • Lone witness of painful history
    Lone witness of painful history
  • What did people eat in ancient China
    Chinese food culture has a very long history. When a documentary on Chinese food, Tasting China, was first shown on TV in 2012, it was a hit in the country.
  • Photos reveal China scenes in the 1930s
    Photos reveal China scenes in the 1930s zhāng xué liáng bǎo biāo suǒ shè lǎo zhào piàn rě yǎn 张学良保镖所摄老照片惹眼
  • Beijing's hutong history
    Shijia Hutong Museum is a popular attraction for visitors from home and abroad.
  • A mountain that scales China's history
    During a 3,000-year span, emperors, poets and scholars made pilgrimages to Mount Taishan to pray to the gods, leaving behind hundreds of inscriptions and stone tablets, Zhao Ruixue reports in Tai'an, Shandong province.
  • History of the Word 'Emperor'
    “ huáng dì ” yì cí de lái lì “皇帝”一词的来历 来历 [lái lì]:origin; source; History of the Word 'Emperor'
  • History of Taoism
    Late in the Han dynasty (beginning of the 3rd century A.D.) a branches of Taoism such as Yellow Turban Movement and the Celestial Masters Sec, became a popular revolutionary cults. 道教是以“道”为最高信仰的中国本民族固有的传统宗教
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