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  • The Character Stroke's Name Learning?Just Check It Out! - 告诉你汉字笔画的中文
    The Character Stroke's Name Learning?Just Check It Out! - 告诉你汉字笔画的中文
  • Stages of Chinese Writing
    Note: The pronunciation is that of Mandarin and of Old Chinese (1000-700 BCE).Given its immense time depth, the Chinese writing system is far from static. After the early evolution during the Shang dynasty, the script continued to evolved. Visually it became increasingly more linear, more stylized a...
  • Origins of Chinese Writing
    The earliest examples of Chinese writing date to the late Shang period (ca. 1200 BC). These are the so-called Oracle Bone Inscriptions (jiaguwen) which were found at the site of the last Shang capital near present-day Anyang, Henan province. jiǎ gǔ wén 甲  骨 文  Oracle BonesThe discovery of the ...
  • Learn Chinese Writing——Stroke
    Learn Chinese Writing Strokes:Far from being complicated drawings, Chinese characters are made out of simple single strokes, all of them variations of only eight basic ones. All strokes have their own name and are written according to a few rules. It's very important to learn to recognize them, sinc...
  • Application Letters
    Learn Chinese HSK Writing:qiú zhí xìn求   职 信 汉唐广告公司人力资源部经理:你好!在报纸上看到贵公司的招聘启事,我对广告设计一职很感兴趣。我现年22岁,生于汉城,今年7月将从汉城大学艺术学院广告设计系毕业。大学期间,我曾担任过学生会宣传部长一职。业余时间,我还积极参加社会时间,参加过一些著名广告公司...
  • My Hobby
  • How to write Chinese address?
    will start with the biggest geographical component (the province) and end with the smallest one (the addressee).
  • A happy day
    kuài lè de yì tiān 快 乐 的 一 天 jīn tiān wǒ hěn kāi xīn ! 今 天 我 很 开 心! chī le zǎo cān wǒ jiù qù le gōng yuán , 吃 了 早 餐 我 就 去 了 公 园, jīn tiān shì gè dà qíng tiān , 今 天 是 个 大 晴 天, yǒu ...
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