• Alxa Right Banner: A camel town in the Gobi desert
    Alxa Right Banner: A camel town in the Gobi desert
  • Golden Chinese zongzi lures consumers
    Packed with golden reed leaves and tied with golden Chinese knots, valuable Chinese zongzi that are full of golden rice came onto the market on May 27, 2013 at Guohua shopping arcade, Beijing.According to the Guohua shopping arcade management, the price of the zongzi is 415 yuan ($67.6) per gram and...
  • Yuan-yen direct trading is a win-win game for China, Japan
    The direct yuan-yen trading could reduce the transaction cost and exchange risk in bilateral trading and investment, and Japanese and Chinese companies involved will benefit from the new system. said economist Xing Yuqing.
  • More funding for technical, vocational schools
    Students from rural areas have seen increases in financial assistance
  • The cooperation and trade of Sino-EU cultural industries
    The cooperation and trade of Sino-EU cultural industries have been successfully started
  • A Best Buy outlet in Shanghai
    A Best Buy outlet in Shanghai on Feb 22, before it was closed. International retail chains are facing more and more challenges from local competitors and adaptation to local consumers' demand.China continues to be an attractive destination for foreign retailing businesses, but not all companies who ...
  • China's Polyurethane Market Comes Into the Rapid Development Period
    PUdaily, Shanghai-Currently, as thermal insulation material, polyurethane rigid foam composite is widely used in downstream refrigerator&freeze industry, cold line logistics industry, construction industry and solar water heater industry, etc. As refrigeration industry booms rapidly, China has becom...
  • High price,low sales
    THE average price of new homes in Shanghai soared last week to the highest so far this year on strong sales of a high-end development in Pudong New Area, but the transaction volume fell to the lowest in four weeks as sentiment among buyers of mainstream projects remained weak.The average price o...
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