Guangdong Province

  • Grottoes with hundreds of Buddha statues in Guangdong become popular overnight
  • The Huguang Scenic Area
    sì shān huán yì hú , hú shuǐ míng rú jìng 。 四山环一湖,湖水明如镜。
  • The Oriental Hawaii: Intoxicating Yanzhou Island in Guangdong
    yán zhōu dǎo : yuán shēng tài tiān táng 盐洲岛:原生态天堂
  • Bright Filial Piety Temple in Guangzhou
    guāng xiào sì wèi yú guǎng dōng shěng guǎng zhōu guāng xiào lù běi duān 。 光孝寺位于广东省广州光孝路北端。 jù 《 guāng xiào sì zhì 》 zǎi , chū wéi nán yuè wáng zhào jiàn dé zhī gù zhái 。 据《光孝寺志》载,初为南越王赵建德之故宅。 故宅 [gù zhái]-->旧居 [jiù ...
  • Kaiping Diaolou and Villages
    Kaiping Diaolou is a defensive multi-storey tower-style building in villages. The Diaolou harmoniously coexists with the surrounding rural landscapes, and reflecting a complex and brilliant integration of Chinese and western building structures and decorative forms.
  • Shenzhen Xichong Beach
    At the edge of the South China Sea, overlooking Hong Kong, eastern Shenzhen’s 130-kilometer coastline is affectionately called “Hawaii in Shenzhen.” Less commercialized and less crowded than Hawaii, Shenzhen’s far east combines subtropical hills and woods with seaside holiday facilities.
  • Ocean Spring Resort
    Located in the west of Zhuhai City, in southwest Guangdong Province, Ocean Spring Resort features charming sea sights, hot spring spas, beautiful islands
  • Chen Clan Academy
    Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family is also called Chen Clan Academy or Chen's Lineage Hall which was a place both for offering up sacrifices to ancestors and for study.
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