Hebei Province

  • The Mountain Resort and its Outlying Temples in Chengde
    The Chengde Mountain Resort, also known as the “Rehe Xanadu”
  • SaiHanBa
    Saihanba Forest Park is in the north of Hebei Province where Mongolian National Minority Autonomous County is. It was a part of Magnolia paddock which was the famed Royal Hunting Field. SaiHanBa in Mongolian means:the beautiful mountains. Saihanba is a natural pasture with plenty of grass and water...
  • China First Class National Cultural Site
    Shanhaiguan, or Shanhai Pass, is a part of the city of Qinhuangdao in the Chinese province of Hebei. In 1961, Shanhaiguan became a site of China First Class National Cultural Site. Along with Jiayuguan and Juyongguan, it is one of the major passes of the Great Wall of China.It is a popular tourist d...
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