Inner Mongolia

  • Juyanhai Lake
    “ jū yán ” shì xī xià yǔ , wéi “ liú dòng de shā mò ” zhī yì 。 “居延”是西夏语,为“流动的沙漠”之意。 Location: 40km to the north of Dalaikubu Town
  • Ejin Banner
    Ejin Banner (Ejina Qi in Chinese), located in Alxa League, is located in the westernmost part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
  • Lama Mountain
    Lama Mountain National Forest Park is 187 kilometers from Yakeshi City, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Near the Binzhou railway and No. 301 national highway, the place is convenient to visit. The total area of the park is 9,379 hectare.
  • Badain Jaran Desert
    The Badain Jaran Desert can be found in western Inner Mongolia. The desert covers 49,000 square kilometers spanning the provinces of Gansu and Ningxia in China as well as Inner Mongolia. It is the fourth largest desert in the world roughly 150 kilometers north of the Hexi corridor.
  • Moerdaoga National Forest Park
    Moerdaoga, though a small town in Erguna city, in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, is well-known for its national forest park, which happens to be the largest forest park in China.
  • Wulanbutong Grassland in Inner Mongolia
    Wulanbutong Grassland, also known as the Ulan Buh Grassland is located on the south of the Hunshandake Sandland ( part of the Hexigten Global Geopark) in the southern tip of Hexigten Banner in Chifeng of Inner Mongolia.
  • Dalinuoer Lake
    Dalinuoer Lake in Inner Mongolia, one of the four inland lake. Known as the "Hundred Birds Paradise", also enjoys the third largest of China's Swan Lake in the world. Gong Geer grasslands in the southwest, away from the seat of government by the shed Keqi town 90 km.
  • Helan Mountain National Reserve
    Helan Mountain is the largest north-to-south mountain range in northwestern China. It neighbors the Loess Plateau in northwest and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in northeast. The unique location blesses it with distinct natural scenery, human landscapes and ecosystems.Lying in Alxa Left Banner (ā lā s...
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