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  • Learn Chinese--安全感
    Learn Chinese--安全感
  • Learn Chinese--恐归族
    恐(kǒng) 归(guī) 族(zú) : Youngsters' fear of returning home for the Chinese New Year as a natural response to traditional and popular values
  • Learn Chinese Life Slangs IX
    单身贵族 [dān shēn guìzú] Literally meaning single aristocrat, used to describe a happy single guy.
  • Learn Chinese Life Slangs VIII
    dà zhì ruò yú 大智若愚 A wise person may seem stupid - Can be said on someone else or as a come-back, when being accused of looking dumb.
  • Learn Chinese Life Slangs VII
    shàng dāo shān, xià yóu guō 上刀山,下油锅 'Above there's a mountain of swords, underneath there's a frying pan'
  • Learn Chinese Life Slangs VI
    不到长城非好汉 [bù dào chángchéng fēi hǎo hàn] 'One who hasn't visited the Great Wall isn't considered a decent man'. Very straightforward meaning.
  • Learn Chinese Life Slangs V
    随便 [suí biàn] 随便 means 'casual' in everyday speech, though if a girl is said to be '随便' then this means she isn't fussy about guys and she is one who goes out or sleeps with plenty of men.
  • Learn Chinese Life Slangs IV
    黑社会 [hēi shèhuì] 'Black society'; criminal underworld, mafia.
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