Popular Chinese Internet Slang-10

2013-10-08 19:07 ChineseTime


女汉子[nǚ hàn zi] noun.

Manly woman. According to Baidu Baike and Hudong Baike, this Chinese internet meme refers to “women who look feminine on the outside but are ‘pure men’ on the inside.” These women are characterized by not being particular about manners or bearing; they are cheerful, candid, optimistic, “capable of bearing responsibility”, and have a “strong heart”. Their “aura” is relatively stronger and thereby are more likely to influence others.

脑残 [nǎocán ]  noun.

Mental retardation, mental disability, mental disorder, or a person who is mentally retarded, brain dead, or utterly stupid.

内牛满面 [nèi niú mǎn miàn] expression.

Means 泪流满面 [lèi liú mǎn miàn, which is “tears flowing all over face”.

NND = 你娘的 [nǐ niáng de] offensive.

Also, 奶奶的 [nǎinai de]. Variant of TMD. Damn, damn it, dammit, fuck, fucking.

逆天 [nì tiān]  adjective.

Literally “against heaven”, meaning something that is extremely against nature or unnatural.

偶 [ǒu] pronoun.

This is commonly used online as a substitute for 我 [wǒ, wo3], often by girls, because it sounds “cuter.” It means “I.”

OL  noun.

Office Lady.

PK verb/noun.

Original meaning is “player-killing” or “player killer” but it is often used in Chinese internet to mean “competition” or “contest” or “defeating” something.

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