Sikong Mountain

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Learn Chinese Scenic Spots司(sī)空(kōng)山(shān)

sikongshan mt

Sikong Mountain (sī kōng shān 司空山), lying to the south-west of Yuexi County (yuè xī xiàn 岳西县), is one of the original places of Chinese Buddhism. Many legends have been reported and passed generation by generation in this area. Erzu Huike (èr zǔ huì kě 二祖慧可), the second ancestor of the Buddhism, took seclusion here. It seems that Sikong Mountain is more important than Tianzhu Mountain in the eyes of monks. According to some scholars, the shape of the mountain is just like a Buddha meditating with his face to the west. The famous poet Li Bai also sought refuge here and wrote two famous poems to speak highly of Sikong Mountain. In order to commemorate him, Taibai Book Hall (tài bái shū wū 太白书屋) was built, which is still well reserved. On the mountain, other ancient buildings are also well-reserved in good condition such as Xima Pool (xǐ mǎ chí 洗马池), Daoqiang Hole (dāo qiāng dòng 刀枪洞), Zhangdexing Stone Inscription (zhāng dé xīng shí kè 张德兴石刻) and Stone Stockade (shí zhài 石寨). All in all, the natural scenic attractions are unique here including splendid water falls, mysterious craves, cliffs, peaks, stones of different shapes and so on and so forth. It is really a good place to get close to the nature and relax ourselves.

sikongshan mt

Admission Fee: free
Opening Hours: 8:00-16:00
Transportation: take bus No. 21

sikongshan mt


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