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  • Filial Conduct That Impressed The Gods--Shun The Great
    shùn , chuán shuō zhōnɡ dì yuán ɡǔ dì wánɡ , wǔ dì zhī yī , xìnɡ yáo , mínɡ zhònɡ huá , hào yǒu yú shì , shǐ chēnɡ yú shùn 。 舜,传说中的远古帝王,五帝之一,姓姚,名重华,号有虞氏,史称虞舜。 Shun, a legendary ancient emperor and one of the Five Emperors, ha...
  • Liaozhai Studio--Yingwu Qiyuan
    《 liáo zhāi zhì yì 》 — — yīnɡ wǔ qí yuán 《 聊 斋 志 异 》 — — 鹦 鹉 奇 缘
  • Learn Chinese Poem-Going Over
    Learn Chinese Poem-Going Over
  • Liaozhai Studio--Princess Yunluo
    An Daye turned out to be out-standingly clever while he was very young. He was also very handsome. His parents loved him very much and regarded him as a precious pearl on their palms. They hoped that their son would be successful in his career and thereby glorify his ancestors. Neighbors in the vill...
  • learn Chinese poem--The Grass on the Top of a Wall
    learn Chinese poem--The Grass on the Top of a Wall
  • The Romance of the Three Kingdoms:Interlocking Stratagems
    The manipulation of state affairs by the prime minister Dong Zhuo towards the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220) aroused strong anger in people, but nobody dared to air it. Upright ministers wanted to but failed to think of a way to get rid of him.
  • Lü Bu And Diao Chan
    Following the interlocking stratagems they had laid, Wang Yun betrothed his step daughter Diao Chan to Lü Bu, then, to sow discord between the two, presented the girl to Dong Zhou as a concubine. Lü Bu was furious,and each time he met Diao Chan,the latter feigned a sad tearful look.
  • Zhuge Liang Pays a Mourning Call
    This is a story from Three Kingdoms. Zhou Yu, chief commander of Wu,Was talented and proficient in strategies and tactics but was narrow-minded and intolerant of others. He discussed with Zhuge Liang plans to conquer Cao Cao while simultaneously pondering how to murder Zhuge Liang.
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