Yitong Volcano Group

2012-08-07 10:00 ChineseTime

Learn Chinese Scenic Spots:伊yī 通tōng 火huǒ 山shān 群qún

The body of the volcano group (yī tōng huǒ shān qún 伊通火山群) is formed of rock pillars, and the section of which has a shape of polygon. The unique tower group is formed of numbers of tower-like rocks. Standing in the tower group, you will feel you have entered a bizarre world of gods and spirits. Diversified volcano bodies will be present before you. Some look like knife edges, some swords, some lying tigers, and some sleeping lions. Yitong volcano group distributes at an area of about 600 square meters on Yishu (yī shū 伊舒) valley. Large-scaled rift grottoes are also found in the volcano groups, which is the first finding of this kind of grottoes in our country. The complex and varied rock pillar joints constitute its grand, unique and rare volcano scene and geographical sightseeing. It is also of important scientific and watching value.

Location: Yitong County
Transportation: take bus to Yitong County at Siping Bus Station
Admission Fee: Free


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