Zhejiang town forges 'sweet' industry

2017-05-23 11:55 ChineseTime

Bright colors light up the night at Yunlanwan Hot Spring Center in Dayun town, Zhejiang province.

Located near Shanghai, Dayun town in Jiaxing city, Zhejiang province, has become a popular resort for people in Shanghai seeking a weekend break. There are hot springs, a chocolate factory and vast fields of flowers to enjoy. Themed on "sweet", Dayun town is a provincial-level town with distinctive features among the first batch of 37 such towns in Zhejiang.

A bird's eye view shows Yunlanwan Hot Spring Center in Dayun town, Zhejiang province.

Visitors can enjoy authentic hot springs that draw water from more than 2,160 meters deep at the Yunlanwan Hot Spring Center in Dayun town. Designed by a British company, the architecture in the center combines Western and Asian elements, adding cultural flavor to the leisure resort.

Aficion chocolate town has its own "city hall".

There is also an Aficion chocolate factory in a town-like setting, where visitors can watch the whole chocolate-making process and learn about chocolate culture. Many chocolate-themed items are available. Occupying an area of 28.7 hectares, the site was the first industrial tourism project in China.

Mo Xufeng, the general manager of the chocolate town, said that opening a chocolate factory had been his dream since childhood. Aficion's chocolate production process is quite meticulous. "To make sure of the high quality of chocolate, we introduced first-rate production equipment from Switzerland", Mo said.

A small train takes passengers through a field of flowers in Aficion chocolate town, May 20, 2017.

A well-trimmed azalea is displayed at the Sea of Flowers Scenic Area, in Dayun town, Zhejiang province, May 20, 2017.

There is another attraction that you won't want to miss in Dayun town, which is the Sea of Flowers Scenic Area. The area, planted with plenty of flowers, has been a 4A level tourist attraction and a perfect place to shoot wedding photos. The azalea cultural exhibition is held each year here, and has been a name card for the scenic spot. It has a special area for azalea planting, and workshops are built for artists to work on the trimming and maintenance of azaleas. It has also been an inheritance base for the intangible cultural heritage of the azalea styling technique.

The entrance of the chocolate town.


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