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Transportation—Shanghai Taxi

Major Taxi Companies

Although there are about 150 taxi companies in this city, the taxi service are still well managed in shanghai. Most of the cars are Santana and when in street, usually you will see cars in different colors. That is because major taxi companies have their own specific colors for the cars.

Dazhong ----Cyan
Qiangsheng ----Orange
Haibo----Sapphire blue
Blue Union---Navy blue

So it’s quite convenient for you to recognize different cars by their colors. Of all the taxi companies, Dazhong and Qiangsheng are most strongly recommended. Dazhong, the biggest taxi company, enjoys a very high reputation among all the companies. Besides, Qiangsheng is also very famous. Cars of both two companies are new and in good condition. And the services they provide are also professional.

Get a taxi

You can see taxis almost everywhere in Shanghai. Usually you can hail a taxi in every main street. And besides that, the more convenient way is to book a taxi by calls. All the major companies have their own hotlines to book cars. There is no service fee charged except Dazhong company, which charges 4 Yuan for each telephone or online reservation.

The call centers of all major companies:

In 2005, Shanghai's taxi authorities launched an industry call center (96965), which was expected to cover all of the city's cabs in the near future. It is expected that that the call center will locate all the city's 45,000 taxis and find the nearest vacant taxi for any passenger who calls the hot line to book a cab. Service in English is also available. All booking services are also free for passengers. So you may call 96965 to book a car or call the company call center directly.