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What kind of services ChineseTime provides?
How does skype private lesson work?
Before you get started, please make sure you have Skype installed. Download Skype
Skype Chinese lesson.
For private lessons, can I always get the same teacher ?
Yes, usually we can guarantee you always get the same teacher unless you don’t like your teacher or any other emergencies.
How do I pay?
ChineseTime support PayPal, bank transfer, Western Union. For more details, Please contact us.
Why do I have to make an appointment to take Private Lesson?
It takes time to arrange teachers to meet your flexible schedule and guarantee you the same teacher
How many days I need to make the appointment in advance?
2 days before when you want the lesson take place
Is studying Chinese difficult?
Yes and no. Learning any language is difficult, but Chinese shares the reputation especially of difficult to learn because of its tones and character. With patience and perseverance you will succeed one day. If you are with ChineseTime, the boring studying experience will be fun and easier.
号码 (hào mă): “telephone number” and 好吗 ( hǎo ma):“How are you?”
David is going mad because he cannot tell the difference between the tones. Let’s see if Marcus has some tips…
How did the Chinese invent such a weird language?
What do you mean?
Sometimes their questions and answers are the same, for example, “在哪里?” (Where is it?) and “在那里” (It is over there).
Hmm, that’s the annoying tone problem.
How did you ever learn it?
There are no easy ways. It is just like listening to music; you will get used to it eventually, but it is hard to hear the subtle differences at first.
Are there no other ways apart from this?
Hmm, let me see. I think you need some enlightenment…
Suppose that you meet a lovely Chinese girl and you want to get her phone number.
I think this example is very helpful.
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