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Frequency: 27.957‱
    (n.)host;master, owner, possessor;interested persons or parties;view, opinion, idea
  • 宾主host and quest
  • 东道主host
  • 一家之主the master of the house
  • 业主proprietor
  • 奴隶们用刀杀死了主人。The slaves slew their masters with swords.
  • 失主owner of lost property
  • 颇有主见have definite views of one’s own
  • 我一时心里没主。For a moment I just didn’t know what to do.

    (v.)lead, manage, take charge of;advocate, stand for
  • 主婚人parents or guardians of bride and bridegroom
  • 主事manage the affairs
  • 主战advocate war

    (adj.)main, principal, primary;subjective
  • 主截面the principal section
  • 主格the subjective case
  • 【基层建设年】任丘驻村工作组 甘泉清水润民心
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    第50分钟,古雅沙被主裁判寇建勋出示黄牌。第61分钟,山东率先换人,胡新娜替下丁迷迷。3分钟后,北京首次换人,秦晴飞替下徐艳芬。 第76分钟,山东再次换人,王...

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