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Frequency: 17.03‱
    (v.)follow;comply with, obey;join, be engaged in;in a certain manner or according to a certain principle
  • 从师be an apprentice
  • 从征go on a military expedition
  • 从命comply with sb.’s wish
  • 屈从submit to
  • 从军join the army
  • 从宽处理be lenient in treatment

    (n.)follower, attendant
  • 随从attendant

    (adj.)secondary, accessory
  • 分别首从distinguish between the chief culprit and the accessory
  • 主从the primary and the secondary

    (p.)from, through
  • 从表面看to the eye
  • 从长远看from a long-term point of view
  • 我从报纸上得知这个消息。I learned this news from the newspaper.

  • 从不迟到be never late
  • 我从没离开过这个地方。I’ve never been away from here.
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    想从哪句开始阅读只需要手指双击指定位置即可开始阅读。在文字上单击时会出现工具条,长按文字时能够高亮标记,内置字典查询或 Google, 百度或 Wiki 网络查询。此外,...
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