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Frequency: 31.331‱
    (adj.)state-owned, collective, public;common,general;international;equitable, fair and just, impartial;male
  • 公物public possessions
  • 那城市有自己的公用图书馆和公园。The town has its own public library and public gardens.
  • 公约convention
  • 公制the metric system
  • 办事不公unjust in one’s manner of doing things
  • 和解的条件似乎还算公道。The terms of the settlement seem just.
  • 公牛bull
  • 那只公鸡竖起冠子。The cock bristled up his crest.

  • (n.)公事,公务public affairs, official business;集体authority, collective
  • 因公出差take a trip on official business
  • 办公attend to official
  • 交公turn over to the authorities
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