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Type chinese characters, pinyin or radical index. E.g: '好', or 'hao3', or '女+3'

Frequency: 67.636‱
  • 讲和 make peace
  • 鸽子是和平的象征。The dove is the symbol of peace.
  • 两数之和 the sum of the two number

  • (v.)draw,tie;mix,blend
  • 我们队胜了两局,和了一局。Our team won two matches and drew one.
  • 工人们把沙子,石头和水泥混合成混凝土。The workmen mixed sand,gravel, and cement to make concrete.

  • (p.)together with;to,with,as
  • 和衣而卧 sleep with one's clothes on
  • 他和我一样高。He's the same height as I.
  • 我没有和他谈论过这件事。I didn't talk with him about it.

  • (c.)and
  • 我的爸爸和我的叔叔 my father and my uncle

  • (adj.)gentle,mild,kind;harmonious,on good terms
  • 风和日暖 bright sunshine and gentle breeze
  • 兄弟不和 brothers on bad terms wither each other
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