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Frequency: 32.382‱
    (adj.)many, much, more;more then the correct or required number, too many;too much
  • 我有许多唱片。I have many discs.
  • 我们还有很多工作要做。We have a lot more work to do.
  • 他多喝了一点。He’s had a drop too much.
  • 多疑oversensitive

    (v.)exceed a number
  • 多一个人就多一分力量。If we get one more person, we will become stronger.
  • 这句子多了一个字。There is one word too many in this sentence.

    (adv.)much more
  • 你女儿多大了?How old is your daughter?
  • 多美的声音啊!What a beautiful voice!
  • 病人今天好多了。The patient is much better today.
  • 车位只能临停 业主大喊不公
  • 购房小贴士:菜鸟选房 小编支招
  • 郑爽颧骨变嘴巴变尖 揭秘整容女星动刀部位


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