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Frequency: 16.647‱
    (adj.)flat, level, even smooth;on the same level, equal;equal, fair, impartial;clam, peaceful, quiet;average, common
  • 把纸铺平smooth out the paper
  • 地板很平。The floor is quite flat.
  • 桌面不平。The table is not level.
  • 积雪和窗子相平。The snow is even with the window.
  • 树梢和屋顶齐平。The tree top is level with the roof.
  • 平分divide equally
  • 心平气和even-tempered and good-humoured
  • 海上风平浪静。The sea was calm.
  • 平日on ordinary days

    (v.)level, even;be on the same level;pacify, assuage, calm down; put down, suppress
  • 把地平一平level the ground
  • 他正忙于平整土地铺草皮。He was busy leveling the ground and laying turves.
  • 平世界纪录equal a world record
  • 水已经平了海岸。The water has been on the same level with the banks.
  • 平民愤assuage popular indignation
  • 经他一解释,老太太的气也就平了。His explanation soothed the old woman’s anger.
  • 平叛put down a rebellion

    (n.)tie, draw
  • 场上比分是9平。The score is now nine all.
  • 这场足球最后踢平了。The football game ended in a draw。
  • 南京楼市走出低迷“房荒”
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