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Frequency: 14.049‱
    (v.)answer, respond;agree to do sth. , promise, accept;should, ought to;respond to, echo;comply with, grant;suit, respond to;deal with, cope with
  • 喊他他不应。I called him, but he didn’t answer.
  • 我不记得曾应过这件事。I don’t remember I ever promised that.
  • 应尽的义务one’s bounden duty
  • 应享受的权利a right to which one is entitled
  • 资料应该明白易懂。The information ought to be made more accessible.
  • 发现错误应该立即纠正。When a mistake is discovered, it should be corrected at once.
  • 一呼百应hundreds respond to a single call
  • 山鸣谷应。The valleys echo the sound of the mountains
  • 应广大读者需要to meet the needs of the broad reading public
  • 有求必应grant whatever is requested
  • 得心应手be easy to handle and work with great efficiency
  • 从容应敌meet the enemy calmly
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