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Frequency: 16.57‱
    (adj.)proper, right;equal
  • 安排得当be properly arranged
  • 用词不当inappropriate choice of words
  • 门当户对be well-matched in social and economic status
  • 实力相当well-matched in strength

    (v.)match, equal to;treat as, regard as, take for;think;pawn;work as, serve as, be;bear, accept, deserve;ought, should, must
  • 他一个人能当两个人用。He can do the work of two persons put together.
  • 不要把我当小孩看待。Don’t treat me as a child.
  • 我当你不知道。I thought it was her.
  • 当衣服pawn one’s clothes
  • 他的衣服当了40块。He pawned his clothes for 40 yuan.
  • 当翻译serve as interpreter
  • 他在一家银行当办事员。He serves as a clerk in a bank.
  • 敢做敢当dare to do sth. and dare to take responsibility for it
  • 一人做事一人当。One should answer for what he does.
  • 理当如此。That’s just as it should be.
  • 我们应当坚持我们的意见。We should adhere to our opinions.

    (p.)that very;in sb.’s presence, to sb.’s face;just at (a time or place)
  • 当月the same month
  • 当有人需要救助的时候,行动胜于语言。Deeds are better than words when people are in need of help.
  • 当场on the spot
  • 当时at that time
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