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Frequency: 37.219‱
    (v.)accomplish, succeed;become, turn into;help complete;all right, O.K
  • 事成之后after this is achieved
  • 大功告成The great task has been completed.
  • 绿树成荫。The trees give welcome shade.
  • 玉成其事kindly help make a success of it
  • 你不去可不成。No, you must go.

  • (adj.)fully developed, image;established, ready-made
  • 成人adult
  • 现成服装ready-made clothes

  • (n.)achievement, result
  • 怎能坐享其成?How can one sit idle and enjoy the fruits of others’ labor?
  • 他渴望成功。He is eager to succeed.
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