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Type chinese characters, pinyin or radical index. E.g: '好', or 'hao3', or '女+3'

Frequency: 9.205‱
    (v.)occupy, seize;rely on, depend on
  • 盘踞illegally or forcibly occupy
  • 他们挑战那家公司在电子学领域中占据的领先地位。They challenged that company’s supremacy in the field of electronics.
  • 据险固守take advantage of a natural barrier to put up a strong defence

    (p.)according to, on the grounds of
  • 据实报告report the facts
  • 根据气象台预报,明天有大雨。According to the weather forecast, there will be a heavy rain tomorrow.

    (n.)evidence, certificate
  • 凭据evidence
  • 他分别审查每个证据。He examined each piece of evidence in isolation.
  • 党政高层:关说者不能置身事外
  • 苏贞昌谈关说案:这不是斗争 什么才是斗争
    台海网(微博)9月8日讯 据台湾媒体报道,民主进步党主席苏贞昌今天表示,马英九在司法关说疑案中,操弄司法,显已逾越宪法赋予应有的职权,“如果这不是政治斗争,...
  • 网曝深圳地铁“偷工减料” 记者采访被劝“生命诚可贵”

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