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PinYin:shou1 BuShou:攵+2
Frequency: 12.488‱
    (v.)put away, take in;collect;harvest, gather in;receive, accept
  • 请你把这些东西收起来可以么?Will you please put those things away?

  • 收税 collect taxes

  • 他去各个办公室收会费。He went round the various offices to collect the dues.

  • 收稻子 harvest rice

  • 暴风雨前小麦已经收完。The wheat crop had been gathered in before the storm came.

  • 我刚收到一封信。I’ve just received a letter.

  • (n.)harvest;money received, receipts, income
  • 丰收 bumper harvest

  • 这是丰收的好兆头。This augurs well for the harvest.

  • 税收 tax revenue

  • 他的收入不够养活一家人。His income suffices for his needs.

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