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    (n.)number, figure;number;several, a few
  • 次数number of times
  • 数以万计number tens of thousands
  • 他们估计参观者人数是1000万。They estimated the number of visitors at 10 million.
  • 实数real number
  • 自然数natural number
  • 连续数年for several years running
  • 这个剧目播出前必须经过数次剪辑。Before this play is broadcast several cuts must be made.

    (v.)count;be reckoned s exceptionally;enumerate, list
  • 从1数到10 count from one to ten
  • 数数看一行有多少棵树。Count and see how many trees there are in a row.
  • 全校数他功课最好。He is considered the best in the school.
  • 如数家珍as if enumerating one’s family valuables very familiar with one’s subject
  • 用爱守望芬芳
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