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Frequency: 28.53‱
    (n.)square;involution, power;direction;side, party;square;place, region, locality
  • 长方rectangle
  • 小女孩在纸上画了一个正方形。The little girl drew a square on the paper.
  • 平方square
  • 2的4次方是16。The fourth power of 2 is 16.
  • 四面八方in all directions
  • 我们走的方向对吗?Are we going in the right direction?
  • 双方both sides
  • 对方the opposite side
  • 远方a remote place

  • 方塔a square tower
  • 方括号a square bracket
  • 方桌a square table

    (adv.)just, just then; at the time when;just now
  • 来日方长there will be a time for that
  • 方今at present nowadays
  • 如梦方醒as if just awakening from a dream
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