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Frequency: 13.077‱
    (n.)the first month of the lunar, the moon

    (adj.)straight, upright, due;main, situated in the middle;right, obverse;honest, upright
  • 摆的端正put sth. straight
  • 正前方the due front
  • 我们正朝正北方向航行。Our course was straight to the north.
  • 这幅画挂得不正。This picture is not straight.
  • 正殿main temple or palace
  • 胶卷的正面the right side of film
  • 公正just, fair, impartial
  • 端正upright, regular
  • 他的帽子没有戴正。His hat isn’t straight.

    (v.)set right;
  • 正一正帽子put one’s cap straight
  • 等等。我帮你整整领带。Just a minute! Let me put your tie straight.
  • 正人先正己set a good example with one’s own conduct

    (adv.)just, exactly, right, precisely;
  • 大小正合适just the right size
  • 正如你所说just as you way
  • 那人正是王教授。It was none other than Professor Wang.
  • 正下雪呢。It is snowing.
  • 我们正准备出发。We are about to start.
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