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Frequency: 8.714‱
    (v.)sink, submerge;overflow, rise beyond;hide, disappear, vanish;没收confiscate, expropriate
  • 淹没submerge
  • 河水没过两岸。The river overflowed the banks
  • 隐没lie hidden
  • 埋没人才stifle real talents
  • 抄没search sb.’s place and confiscate his property
  • 海关官员没收了走私的海洛因。The customs officers seized the smuggled heroin.

    (v.)not have;there is not, be without;not be as good as, be inferior to;less than
  • 你没有朋友么?Had you no friends?
  • 这种新药还没有投放市场。This new drug is not yet commercially available.
  • 我们今天下午没有课。We have no lessons this afternoon.
  • 我学习没他刻苦。I don’t study as hard as he does.
  • 问题没他想象得那么复杂。The problem is not as complicated as he imagined.
  • 没两个星期他就走了。He left in less than two weeks time.

    (adv)no, not, never
  • 商店还没关门。 The shop hasn’t closed yet.
  • 昨天我没有见到他。I didn’t see him yesterday.
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