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Frequency: 11.783‱
  • 他们将永远活在我们心中。They will live forever in our hearts.

  • (adj.)alive, living;vivid, lively, active;movable, moving
  • 活老虎a live tiger

  • 那头牛仍旧在呼吸,所以我知道它还活着。The cow was still breathing, so I knew it was still alive.

  • 脑筋很活have quick mind

  • 他的妹妹是个活泼的青年舞蹈家。His sister is a vivid young dancer.

  • 活水flowing water

  • (n.)work
  • 干活work

  • 他努力干活为了赚钱养家糊口。He worked hard to earn money for the maintenance of his family.

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