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Frequency: 13.538‱
    (n.)drop (of liquid);spot, dot, speck;dot stroke(in Chinese characters);decimal point, point;point
  • 雨点raindrops
  • 污点stain
  • “3.5”读作“三点五”。”3.5” is read as “three point five”.
  • 基准点datum point[mark]
  • 两线的交电the point of intersection of two lines

    (c.)tiny amount, a little, a bit, some;o’clock
  • 吃一点东西get something to eat
  • 还有一点希望。There is a little hope.
  • 我有几点不成熟的想法。I have some tentative suggestions.
  • 上午8点钟eight o’clock in the morning
  • 现在是10点钟左右。It is about ten o’clock now.

    (v.)put a dot;touch lightly as with finger, brush or rod, touch on very briefly, skim;向下稍微移动立刻恢复原位nod;使液体一滴滴下落drip;点个逗号make comma
  • 蜻蜓点水dragonflies skimming(over) the water
  • 他用竹篙一点就把船撑开了。He pushed the boat off with a shove of the pole.
  • 他友好地向我点头。He nodded to me in a friendly fashion.
  • 点眼药put drops in the eyes
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