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Frequency: 26.68‱
    (v.)use, employ, apply;need;eat, drink
  • 用火烤bake over the fire
  • 用水煮boil in water
  • 那人用斧头把一块木头劈成两半。The man cleft a block of wood in two with an axe.
  • 不用开灯。There’s no need to turn on the light.
  • 请用茶。Please have some tea.

    (n.)expenses, outlay;usefulness, use
  • 家用family expenses
  • 省吃俭用save money on food and expenses
  • 物尽其用make the best use of everything
  • 它是极有用的。It is of the greatest usefulness.
  • 省食品药品检验所召开党的群众路线教育实践活动动员大会
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  • 山东环保厅公布受“深井排污不实传言”影响企业名单
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