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Frequency: 13.801‱
    (n.)cause, reason
  • 理由reason
  • 原由cause
  • 我不完全理解他离开的理由。I don’t fully understand his reasons for leaving.

    (v.)经过pass through;顺随,听从follow, obey
  • 必由之路the road one must follow or take
  • 事不由己。Things are beyond one’s control. Things are getting out of hand.

    (p.)because of, due to;by, through;by;from
  • 咎由自取have only oneself to blame
  • 由于下雨,取消了比赛。Owing to the rain, the match was cancelled.
  • 由群众推荐be recommended by the masses
  • 你是由最近的路来的吗?Did you come by the nearest road?
  • 这个问题应由他来解决。It’s up to him to resolve this problem.
  • 水由氢和氧化合而成。Water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen.
  • 由点到面spread over a whole area from one point
  • 大雁由北向南飞。The wild geese fly from north to south.
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