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Frequency: 10.087‱
    (adv.)each other; one another; mutually
  • 奔走相告lose no time in telling each other the news
  • 素不相识not know each other
  • 让我们互相支持,互相鼓励。Let’s give mutual support and inspiration to each other.
  • 两种说法相互抵触。The two statements contradict each other.
  • 另眼相看look upon sb. with special respect or concern
  • 事不相瞒to tell you the truth

    (n.)looks, appearance;bearing, posture;photograph
  • 怪相strange appearance
  • 一副可怜相a pitiful appearance
  • 这孩子睡相不好。The child sleeps sprawled all over the bed.
  • 照个相take a photo

    (v.)look at and appraise
  • 相马 look at a horse to judge its worth
  • 人不可貌相。Never judge a person by his appearance.
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