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Frequency: 49.223‱
    (n.)scripture, canon, classics;
  • 佛经Buddhist sutra
  • 各有一本难念的经。Each has his own hard nut crack.

  • (v.)manage, deal in, engage in; pass through, undergo;
  • 经商engage in trade
  • 饱经风霜have gone through the hardships of life
  • 我希望永远不会再遭遇到这种不愉快的经历。I hope that I shall never again have to undergo such unpleasant experience.
  • 经得起时间的考验can stand the test of time
  • 这个理论经不起检验。This theory will not bear examination.

  • (p.)as a result of, after, through
  • 经法律许可authorized by law
  • 经检查,产品质量合格。Examination confirmed that the quality of the products was up to specification.
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