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Frequency: 41.784‱
    (n.)line, row;trade, profession, line of business;business firm
  • 站成一行 stand in a row

  • 湖畔树木成行。The side of the lake was lined by trees.

  • 改行 change one’s profession

  • 你干哪一行?What’s your line?

  • 拍卖行 auctioneer’s

  • 商行 trading company

  • (v.)go;do, perform, carry out;be all right, O.K
  • 步行go on foot

  • 逆水行舟,不进则退。A boat sailing against the current must forge ahead or it will be driven back.

  • 简单易行 simple and easy to do

  • 实行 carry out

  • 他去行吗?Is it all right if he goes?

  • 在快车道骑车不行。Cycling along the motorway is not allowed.

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