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Type chinese characters, pinyin or radical index. E.g: '好', or 'hao3', or '女+3'

Frequency: 27.448‱
    (n.)money,wealth;intelligence,endowment;qualifications,record of service
  • 合资 joint investment

  • 这项工程需要大量的资金。Astronomical sums of money will be needed for this project.

  • 天资 native intelligence

  • 他天资聪颖,真是幸运。He was blessed with great talent

  • 师资 a teacher's qualifications

  • (v.)aid,subsidizze,support;furnishi,provide,supply
  • 资贫 subsidize the poor

  • 一家大公司资助了该项研究。A big company carried the research project.

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