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Type chinese characters, pinyin or radical index. E.g: '好', or 'hao3', or '女+3'

Frequency: 23.459‱
  • 加重increase weight
  • 一头成年大象能重达6000多公斤。A full-grown elephant can weight over 6000 kilograms.

    (v.)repeat, duplicate;lay stress on, place value upon
  • 这两个例子重了。These two examples duplicate each other.
  • 重友情highly value the friendship
  • 为人所重be regarded highly

    (adj.)heavy, weighty;deep, serious;important, momentous;discreet, prudent;considerable in amount or value
  • 笨重的家具ponderous furniture
  • 这把重斧头不好用。The heavy axe was awkward to use.
  • 病势很重be seriously ill
  • 他病情很重,令人担忧。His illness is such as to cause anxiety.
  • 重大决策a momentous decision
  • 军事重地an important place for the military affairs
  • 慎重careful
  • 脸色庄重a solemn look
  • 重金聘用pay a high price for engaging sb.

    (adv.)again, once more;heavily, severely
  • 久别重逢meet again after a long separation
  • 重责rebuke harshly
  • 重罚severely punish

  • 越过万重山climb over countless mountains
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