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Frequency: 25.652‱
    (adj.)older, elder, senior;eldest, oldest;long;forever, lasting
  • 比他年长older than him
  • 他比我长一辈。He belongs to my father’s generation.
  • 长兄eldest brother
  • 他是有钱人家的长子。He was the eldest son of a wealthy family.
  • 夏季昼长夜短。In summer the days are long and the nights short.
  • 与世长辞depart from the world forever

    (n.)chief, head, leader;length;strong point, forte
  • 科长section chief
  • 新任董事长将从新改组公司。The new chairman will shake up the company.
  • 那座桥有200米长。The length of the bridge is 200mertres.
  • 取人之长,补己之短overcome one’s shortcomings by learning from other’s strong points.

    (v.)come into being, begin to grow, form;grow, develop;acquire, enhance, increase
  • 长锈get rusty
  • 这些树2月长叶子。These trees come into leaf in February.
  • 青春期是长身体的时期。Youth is the time of physical growth.
  • 庄稼长得很旺。The crops are growing very well.
  • 长见识increase one’s knowledge
  • 此风不可长。Such a tendency is not to be encouraged.
  • 感悟吴金印
  • 安悦翔V5 表里如一的时尚家轿新宠

  • 非接触式全自动超声破碎仪厂家|价格|报价


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