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PinYin:yuan4 BuShou:阝+7
Frequency: 10.515‱
    (n.)courtyard, yard, compound;a designation for certain government offices and public places;institute, college;hospital
  • 场院 threshing ground
  • 院子里种了几棵树。 There are some trees in the courtyard.
  • 电影院 cinema
  • 法院 law court
  • 附近那家电影院可容纳800名观众。The cinema nearby can seat 800 people.
  • 理学院 college of science
  • 他现在负责研究院的工作。He heads the research institute now.
  • 住院 be admitted to hospital
  • 医生建议我住院。The doctor advised hospitalization for me.
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    应聘者请以信件、电子邮件等方式提交个人简历、相关工作及学历证明材料、科研论文、学术专著和获奖材料等到我院人事处(邮件主题请注明:姓名+专业+教师招聘网)。 四...

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